D&D Halibut Fishing Charters

Halibut are the largest flatfish species
in British Columbia. Another happy D&D Fishing Charters customer with his bounty of halibutThey are mottled olive-green,
brown or black on the dark coloured side
and white on the reverse. The mouth is large
with cone-shaped teeth and the tail is broad
and slightly forked. They have a delicate flavour
and almost no fat, so they are perfect for frying.

We fish for these big “monsters of the deep”
mainly in late winter and early spring.

Book your adventure early.

The areas we prefer to fish are approximately
an hour ride from Sooke Harbour.

Over the past few years, numerous halibut
over 200 pounds have been landed
in our waters. You’ll have a great chance to
catch a halibut over 100 pounds if the tides,
the bait and the fishing luck are with you.

Vancouver Island offers some the world's best
sport and trophy fishing year round,
and D&D Fishing Charters make it
a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

One that you will want to do again and again.


Happy D&D Fishing Charters customers proudly show off their catch.
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